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Region 6 Education Service Center (Region 6) is one of 20 regional education service centers established by the Texas Legislature in 1967.  More than fifty years ago, the Texas Legislature demonstrated its commitment to excellence in education by establishing regional education service centers with the purpose of helping school districts and charter schools to improve student performance, operate more efficiently, and implement state initiatives. Regional education service centers are nonregulatory, intermediate education units. Texas Education Code, Chapter 8, gives each school district the opportunity to voluntarily be served by and participate with a regional education service center. Region 6 currently serves a fifteen-county area comprised of 56 public school districts and 9 open-enrollment charter schools, representing more than two hundred thousand students, twenty-eight thousand educators and staff.

Region 6 focuses on service to, and support of, educators in helping students succeed. This is at the heart of everything that we do. Every service we provide was developed at the request of schools and we pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of educators and the communities that they serve. 


Dedicated to serve.


The mission of Region 6 ESC is to empower the educational community to achieve excellence. 

Bilingual / English as a Second Language/ Title III, Part A
Region 6 serves over thirty-two thousand English learners/Emergent Bilinguals with over 81 languages spoken in our region.  The goal of our Bilingual ESL Title III Team is to provide professional development and technical assistance for the purpose of improving the academic achievement of English learners/Emergent Bilinguals. Our team is dedicated to serving our districts and campuses that are at various stages of their program implementation and support of English learner/emergent bilingual services.  Please contact our team to create a plan that will meet the needs of your district.

Program Contacts:

Sandy Garcia

Cristina Woods

Vanessa Zuniga

Useful Websites:

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 ELPS     Exceptions and Waivers     LPAC     LPAC and ARD     Program Implementation