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Military Connected Students

Mission Statement

"All school districts educate a child whose parent or guardian is serving in our Armed Forces, whether stationed here or abroad and whether on active duty or in the National Guard or Reserves. Of the more than 1.2 million school-aged children of servicemen and women, more than 80 percent attend public schools... We want all military-connected school children to have an equal and fair opportunity for academic success. This requires that those individuals who make up our nation's educational system—our teachers, principals, school nurses, coaches, and counselors—understand the unique situations the children of our service members experience."

My Contact Information

My name is Albert H. Archuleta and I'm the Region 6 ESC Military-Connected contact for all districts in Region 6. I'm not only the contact but I'm also a 25 yr Honorably Retired Army, Iraq & Afghanistan combat veteran. My family and I have endured the trials with the military lifestyle and deployments and survived. That's why I am honored to support our military-connected students, families, and campuses that serve them. 


Albert H. Archuleta
(936) 435-8228



Resources for Military Families

Resources for Military Families

Our Military Kids