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Special Education Liaisons in all 20 service centers provide boots-on-the-ground support. Liaisons support Special Education Directors, Administrators, and District Leadership in the continuous improvement process. Trained in Design Thinking and the 4 Disciplines of Execution, Liaisons connect special education programs with resources, support, and expertise from across the state to assist in program improvements that build capacity and improve outcomes for students receiving special education services. 

Liaisons work closely with the TEA Review and Support team to provide specific support for schools dealing with SPED Cyclical Reviews, SPED RDA monitoring, and findings of non-compliance.

Whether you are addressing a challenge you have identified in your program or campus, preparing for a cyclical or targeted onsite desk review or responding to monitoring activities, Liaisons have access to resources, training, and expertise to assist you.


Our Services:

  • facilitate a qualitative transformational needs assessment and action planning process for continuous improvement
  • conduct a detailed special education documentation review
  • support districts with their Operating Procedures
  • conduct a standardized desk review of randomly selected student folders, classroom observations to verify IEP alignment, service verification, and accommodation implementation in preparation for a Cyclical review
  • conduct a basic special education program evaluation
  • support districts in compliance and monitoring processes
  • work collaboratively with district teams in preparing for TEAs Differentiated Monitoring and Support process with guided timelines
  • support district teams with the annually required self-assessment through action step planning
  • support district teams with annually required strategic support plan thorough root cause analysis and action step planning

Additionally, these services offer individualized support to your district/charter as you engage in the monitoring system from the Texas Education Agency, Differentiated Monitoring and Support (DMS). Our support services are guided by TEA and the State Liaisons who have developed a collaborative process to get your team ready for review as well as impact outcomes for students with disabilities.  

These services are currently funded through a grant and can be individually selected depending on your district’s needs. We are here to assist your school district/charter in identifying areas of strength and areas of opportunity. 


Liaisons provide the following support:

  • Cyclical & Target Review Support
    • Directly participate in any and all portions of the On-Site Review Visit: entrance meeting, classroom observations, staff interviews and exit conference. TEA will allow ESC Liaisons to be present and participate if the LEA gives permission.
    • Participate in TEA phone calls and visits
    • Make recommendations with on-site scheduling 
    • Provide training and technical assistance to conduct a root cause analysis to assist in completion of your LEA’s Strategic Support Plan.
    • Provide direct training and technical assistance as needed to support completion of LEA Self-Assessment and Strategic Support Plan (answer questions by phone or email or attend Self-Assessment work session at LEA to provide direct support).
    • Provide continued support (phone calls, emails, training, on-site visits, etc.) to assist in developing a targeted plan to address recommendations and growth areas contained in the monitoring report.
    • Connect your LEA to other ESC and state resources to support your LEAs goals.
    • Corrective Action & Strategic Support Plan


The Special Education Liaisons are equipped to advise and review CAPs and SSPs and to share insights from working with the TEA Review and Support Team and other LEAs who have previously collaborated with ESC6 in completing this process.


File Folder Reviews

To help prepare for an upcoming Cyclical Comprehensive or Targeted Desk Review, Special Education Liaisons can review a sampling of your LEA student file folders to determine areas of strength and potential non-compliance. The Liaisons will compile a Diagnostic Improvement Report highlighting trends and considerations for improvement.


Self-Assessment Training & Support

  • Provide Self-Assessment Training 
  • Assist with creating ASCEND Account
  • Assist the District Leadership team to determine the diverse team members needed to complete the Self-Assessment
  • Assist with developing a timeline of Self-Assessment completion for input, collaboration and review
  • Provide support to LEA to review and update current procedures and practices.
  • Provide support to LEA to improve Self-Assessment category ratings.




Statewide Special Education Liaisons

Laura Brinkley,, 936.435.8253
Samantha Weesner,, 936.435.8254


Administrative/Central Office Personnel, Principals, Special Education Directors may request support by contacting:


Laura Brinkley,, 936.435.8253
Samantha Weesner,, 936.435.8254